“Sumo In Audi”

stainless steel

Sumo sculpture steel - Sumo In Audi - Irina DayleneSumo sculpture steel - Sumo In Audi - Irina Daylene

Size: approx 90 x 25 x 12 in

Limited Edition. Only 9 sculptures.

For information on available edition numbers or payment options, please contact us.

Irina Daylene travels to Asia, she spent time in Japan, observing the people and the culture. With her keen eye, she perceived the special quality of life that the Sumo wrestlers lead. They live a very disciplined life for many years in order to attain their stature in the professional world of wrestling. But, she asked herself, wouldn't they also like to have some play time and fun, doing what young people all over the world do? Skating. Surfing. Riding in convertible. Playing leapfrog. In Irina’s sumo sculptures, we see these professional wrestlers doing just that and having a blast!